Why service design is so valuable

Especially large organisations have trouble innovating. There’s a risk averse mentality and only few people dare (and get the mandate) to start or try something new. A culture exists, where decisions are made by mostly analytical people, preferably with a financial background and in possession of some MBA. Innovation is regarded as a linear process, which can be steered by numbers.

Look at banks. For years they have only focused on numbers. Every quarter profits had to be optimized to the max, because they had to be better than the same quarter, a year before. Even better; the numbers had to exceed analysts expectations, only then the real fancy bonuses came within reach. This made sure short term results always triumphed over long term visions and plans. In their ambition for ever growing revenues, banks brought new products to market with ever increasing risk and we all know the end of that story. Banks are meant to facilitate their clients’ finances. Not to be the only ones to make a huge amount of profit.

source of image: Mercedes Benz The best or nothing campaign

To be able to build sustainable businesses, they need to create real value. That’s why service design is so great. Service design makes use of an analytic, methodical process, but combines this with a creative, exploring and customer focused approach. It combines left and right brain thinking. This makes sure your focus will remain on long term value creation, without neglecting short term results. And not only results for your own business, but for all stakeholders involved.

And that’s tough. That requires a change in culture. A culture, where the customer is really king. Where innovation is viewed as a responsibility for the entire company. Where people get the chance to try stuff out, and where they don’t get hanged directly if it does not work. Where management includes creative people and functions like chief experience officer exist.

So businesses that understand:

  • that service design is a fantastic process to change the culture within a company…
  • that service design a driver for change…
  • that it’s time to create real value…
… should start with the most important thing: applying it.
And call the Koos hotline of course. 


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