Freelancer(s) looking for office space?

Koos is moving to a new office! And we’re looking for freelancers to accompany us. Together with three other companies from our current location, we are going to rent two entire floors at Rokin 69. It’s a great space, located in an old monumental bank. And the good thing: There’s more space than we need!

That’s why we are looking for (freelance) designers, software developers, or other businesses that connect with the world of (service) design!

We’re moving there as of September 1st. Desks will be rented for € 225,- per month, including everything, like furniture, cleaning, use of meeting room / workshop space, internet, etc. And of course a bunch of highly motivated, ambitious co-workers! 🙂

Koos has 3 spaces, which we want to share.

  • a 55 m2 work space, where we fit our desks
  • a 48 m2 workshop space / meeting room
  • a 23 m2 meeting room / desks

Interested? Contact us at: 020 753 0154 for more info.

Here are some pictures to give you an impression:

The outside of the building

This is the actual space (except for the furniture)

It’s a very light space with large windows all around, and a 3,80 meter ceiling!

The entrance, which also contains a 80 m2 shared lobby / meeting room.


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